Writing A Novel

After having written a series of non-fiction books, I decided last year to write a novel next.

For me, writing is a great way of switching off from the day to day and immersing myself in a project that uses...

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New York In A Snowstorm

I don’t tend to make New Year resolutions in the sense of giving up things or anything that should make me feel guilty. But I do make pledges to myself about what I’ll achieve in each...

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Listening To Records

Last weekend some colleagues and I rented a house in Brighton to attend a conference and explore the town.

In the end, the house was so great we ended up enjoying time there too - heading...

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Google Poetry

Recently I started typing a search query into Google and noticed that the auto-suggest options could be interesting by themselves. Some as insights into what people search for — but others because they read almost like mini poems.

So I...

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My Toolkit - Text Editor

Working on websites, and even writing the posts for this blog (in Markdown), means I need to use a good text editor.

The app I chose for this is the very popular Sublime Text.

Sublime Text On The...

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Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food Episode 1

I enjoy watching (some) cookery shows to get inspiration, but later I don’t remember what ideas I wanted to try out. So, as I watch them now, I’m going to liveblog some notes.

First up is Episode 1 of Tom...

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South-West Coastal Path - Lizard to Coverack

I’m gradually completing the South-West coastal path over a series of weekend walks. Last weekend I went with a group to do some walks from Lizard Point. We stayed in the youth hostel there, which is one of the most...

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A Special Bookshelf

When I was seven years old, the father of one of my best friends was a well-known writer, and I have some vivid memories: seeing him at the kitchen table reviewing a script for a TV series, us having to...

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Veal Carpaccio

Veal Carpaccio

Back in September I took a week’s holiday to visit some friends in Tuscany - partly to finish a 2nd edition of one of my books, and partly just for a break after a full-on...

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Ben Spalding's Sunday Roast

Last weekend I popped down to Ben Spalding’s new place at John Salt in Islington for his take on Sunday Roast.


It was a great combination between family Sunday Roast - no choice, plate piled high,...

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A Scandinavian Brunch

Scandinavian Brunch

Today has been a luxurious, lazy one. After a busy week I enjoyed a lie in, and then sauntered down the road, to what must be my closest supper club venue, for a Scandinavian Brunch....

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Cooking The Perfect Steak

Cooking Steak

Steak is such a treat that I think it’s worth learning to cook it really well. I was interested to see some advice from Heston Blumenthal recently that went against the grain, and so I...

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Lines - The End Of The Line For Kindle

Broken Kindle

Just the other week I blogged about my holiday reading list. I read a lot, and I love to read. Previously I’d been very attached to actual physical books, but just over a year ago...

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Holiday Reading

I’m back from a short break over Christmas and the New Year. Most of the time was spent catching up with friends and family over long meals - but I also managed some time to read.

Here are the books,...

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Lunch by The Sea

Between the home cooked feasts of Christmas and New Year, we headed down to the wintry Kent coast for a walk along the pebble beach followed by lunch at The Sportsman pub.

The Sportsman

From the outside...

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Celebrating Martinmas With A Pig Feast

The 12th November is St Martin’s Day, also known as ‘Martinmas’, and is traditionally the date that marked the first slaughter of pigs. This was partly because it’s now cold enough for flies not to be a problem, and for...

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An Autumn Coastal Walk

After a busy few months (years), I’ve escaped to the South West of England for a few days of holiday.

Step by step I’m doing the South West Coastal path over many long weekends. In total...

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100 Inspirational Stories From Entrepreneurs

Last year I had the privilege of being one of the writers behind a series of booklets published by HSBC Bank called ‘100 Thoughts’.

We scoured the world looking for interesting business people with good ideas and great execution, and...

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Interviewing James Caan

A few months ago I chaired a web TV programme for Natwest that featured James Caan on the panel.

He’s best known for his time on the Dragon’s Den programme, and fans of the show wil have noticed with interest...

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Dry Stone Walling In The Lake District


Each year a group of my friends spends a long weekend in a bunk barn (actually an old converted chapel) in the Lake District. It’s owned by a charity that takes inner city teenagers out into...

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Dambusting Bike Ride

Derwent Reservoir

Off to the Derwent Reservoir in South Yorkshire today for a leisurely cycle ride with friends. The reservoir was used in the war for practice sessions by the Dambusters pilots, but now it makes a...

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