I’m Steve Parks, an entrepreneur, geek, writer and foodie, living in London, England. I began my career as a journalist with the BBC, but then launched my first business at the age of 25 (which was an independent production company supplying the BBC). I’ve launched a few businesses since then. Some have worked, some haven’t — but I’ve learned from them all.

Writer & Presenter

I write books and articles about entrepreneurship, business and technology. My books are published by Pearson in the UK and by other publishers internationally. You can find out more at my Amazon author page.

I also present on stage at events and conferences (often acting as the host or moderator for the event too).


Above all else, I’m a foodie – whether eating out or cooking at home. You’ll find plenty on this blog about my adventures in the kitchen, or experiences in good restaurants.

Other than that you’ll find me hiking (I’m doing the South West coastal path stage by stage), sailing, climbing, or just generally outdoors.

I’m a keen wine and whisky fan too.